7 Goddess Laws of Success


Why not embrace your ultra feminine characteristics and take your best selves forward into the world? Your inner goddess. She is a powerful creature and exists within each and every woman.

To help honour your feminine soul, I’ve put together a list of seven goddess laws of success. These laws are inspired by Deepak Chopra, and his Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

  1. Receive: Often women give so much of themselves to family, friends, and careers that they are left totally worn out and depleted. How about turning this around? When is the last time you have let yourself receive without any expectations that you have to give back? Whether this be a friend cooking you a beautiful meal, or a friend asking to take you out for brunch, here is to unapologetically allowing yourself to receive.

  2. Karma: Listen to your heart before making decisions. I find it helpful, in particular, when feeling confused or upset to put your hand on your heart, ask a question, and listen to the first intuitive response that comes to mind. We all have egos, but we also all have hearts that can lead us towards decisions that feel best. Believe in your intuition, it never lies.

  3. Least Effort: Type A personalities, let yourself be lazy for a day. See what happens. Someone invites you to go for a walk but you have hundreds of things to do? Forget your to do list for a day. Be wild. Free yourself from your shackles. Give yourself permission to live without any effort for just one day each week. Accept any invitation that comes your way that day and have fun with it! You never know what will present itself.

  4. Intention and Desire: Stop living in the past and bring forward your hopes and fears with great intention and desire. See yourself as a leader of a wolf pack and watch what happens! Want to try something new like dancing but never felt like you were capable of doing it? What’s the worst that will happen? This even goes for your beauty ladies! Women in particular spend so much time nitpicking and putting themselves down based on their physical features – which can be seen instead as unique and beautiful for each and every woman. If we all looked the same, how boring would our world be? Next time you criticize a part of your body, look straight in the mirror and tell yourself that is your most beautiful physical attribute.

  5. Detachment: Stop giving away your power. This goes out for your personal life, friendships, family relationships, and even relationships with strangers. You are not responsible for other people’s behaviour or feelings – whether they are happy, sad, or dislike you. The only thing you have any control over is how you feel on the inside. Be a beautiful lotus flower, shining and in bloom, despite whatever murky or dirty water may surround you.

  6. Dharma and Purpose: Start to look at your feminine traits with renowned significance. For example, instead of speaking negatively about being highly emotional why not begin to celebrate this feature? As women we can feel things to great depths, see the strength in doing so.

  7. Pamper Time: Every week, set aside some time to just do things for you. During this time, allow yourself to connect to the feminine soul within you. Whether it’s a bubble bath or pampering yourself by getting a massage… take time each week to connect and treat your body like the most beautiful temple on earth. I promise it will lovingly respond back to you.

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