{2014: All Beginnings Start with Endings}

This December, I spent a great deal of time in the Canadian mountains, exploring the vast and beautiful great outdoors. What amazes me each and every time I visit the rocky mountains, is that, despite growing up around them... they are never the same. Whether it is the people you run into along the way, the characteristics of the animals they bring with them, the light of the sunset over the mountain tops, the smell of the cool air... it always seems to be different each time you experience it.

They say the only constant in life is change and we are reminded of this with every end to each year and with every start to January. While life appears to be chaotic, it is within this constant of change that newness, rebirth, and unpredictability breeds the magic that is life.

The old must always be released, so that the new may enter.

So here is to embracing 2015, and the transition of time and new beginnings to come. May you experience each day of 2015 with the newness and change it brings! Happy New Year.



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