Light Your Fire

I was recently invited to photograph a fabulous event in Melbourne as part of the organisation Beauty Within, Beauty Without, hosted by Michele Peppler and Dr. Belinda Taylor. Stay tuned for the images we created!

The workshop, dedicated to women's empowerment, taught me an instrumental lesson: to no longer be afraid to light my inner fire. When I first arrived at the workshop, as both a photographer but also a participant, I was amazed at just how beautiful each and every woman was. I was also amazed at just how uniquely powerful they were.

Throughout the day we celebrated all of the things “feminine” is traditionally considered to be shameful for – crying at adversary, dancing freely, dressing sexy, admitting faults, or having a conversation from the heart.

I walked into the workshop feeling very much like the image depicted above, scared to death to show my inner fire to the world. But, I learned quickly that the feminine spirit is powerful beyond measure and perhaps that is what had me nervous all along.

What would happen if we all shared the feminine characteristics we are hiding? Both men and women alike? What would happen if we showcased our weaknesses, or lead a decision from our heart instead of our head, or unapologetically dressed in a way that fit with our current mood that day?

I bet you we'd be incredibly powerful. And I bet you, we would no longer apologize or feel shameful for these characteristics.

“The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.”

― Edith Södergran

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