The Day I Met the Stranger Who Was Myself

Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen a stranger looking back? I had that experience for the first time recently.

I saw a woman who was powerful & full of fire, who had been through a great deal but was unshaken nonetheless. I saw bravery and I saw relentless strength. I had never met her before. She was a stranger to me. That moment was swift and it was startling. I saw within her eyes flickers of her former selves - the ones who had been wrapped up in insecurities, or people pleasing, fitting a mold, personal trauma, and health problems.

We as men and women alike can be so hard on ourselves at times. So much so that we don't actually recongnize who we truly are on the inside and our incredible strength. So I'm posting this image today as a reminder. The next time you see a mirror, I invite you to see that stranger that really is yourself. See your strength, your courage, how you overcame difficulties. I promise that experience will be a lot more powerful than admiring your long eyelashes or your trendy beard (feel free to share your experiences in meeting your stranger... tag @inspiringfemininity on Instagram).

{image copyright; Calgary, 2013}


#mirror #reflection #selflove #soulexpression #empowerment

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