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Welcome to Inspiring Femininity.

This art print series first began in 2011 as an exploration of women connecting to the beauty of the great outdoors and grew into a larger cause to document women who were taking a stand against the prescribed ideals society and media had given to them. In 2012, the images from Inspiring Femininity were projected above a train station in St Peters, Sydney, Australia and in a public square in Calgary, Canada. The projection artwork attempted to take back the advertising space for women and redefine femininity in new terms. Learn more here.

On a personal level, after the last two projection exhibitions, the creative energy for this project became stagnant. A combination of health issues as well as personal life changes affected the ability for me to create the vision I had originally been driven to create. This stagnant period, as much as an artist fears it, was a gift. It allowed me to re-asses, re-define, grow artistically and become authentic as well as grounded within the true cause of this effort.

What I would like to do now is to invite you on a new journey of Inspiring Femininity. I want the images, artwork, and stories told to be ones that men and women alike have been scared to talk about. I want to move the concept of femininity out of the box it's been put in. I'll share my own story, but I also want to share the stories of others. Most importantly, I want to shift the focus of femininity away from physical features or traditional models to a story that is authentic, real, unique, and will evolve over time.

Let's write our own story about femininity, one which honours the struggles, trials and tribulations, and most importantly, the strength of the feminine spirit. I believe that femininity is not a definition, it cannot be neatly packaged into a beauty cream or the latest trend, or even in one's gender.

Femininity is as unique as the beat of each person’s heart. In this gest, let's start to look within rather than externally as we discuss and share stories about femininity.

Please join me in co-creating.

#femininity #projectionart #empowerment #soulexpression #femininespirit

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